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Fashion Fundamentals
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A capsule wardrobe is a thoughtfully selected group of items you can easily mix and match to maximize outfit options and space in your closet or your suitcase. Whether you’re wanting a wardrobe for work, pulled-together casual, or a bunch of cozy outfits, all of the pieces should be flattering and easily mix and match. The key to always having something to wear is creative capsule wardrobes made of closet essentials that fit your body and lifestyle.

Closet Choreography’s Creative Capsule Wardrobes

Capsule Wardrobe Cecklist

Jen’s Creative Capsules

  • Are chosen for real women, not just models.
  • Mix classic designer labels and affordable fashion.
  • Use closet essentials that do double duty.
  • Include a specific shopping list with all the links you need.
  • Include style boards with the outfit combinations. 

Capsule wardrobes can be boring, but NOT MINE! As an independent stylist and fashion lover, I’m using my former experience as a professional Nordstrom Personal Stylist to show you where to get the right mix and how to put it all together.

Closet Choreography on Instagram. Watch this video and see the 16 outfits I made using just 10 closet essentials, including shoes and accessories.

The Original

Last year I shared how to divorce your wardrobe and start over with these updated staples. These not-so-basic basics from updated jeans to a classic white top might be the only items you need. Without adding any novelty, these pieces make at least 40 outfits.

The OG on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Big Brands on the #Nsale

Great classics never go out of style and all of these including styles from my favorite brands like Vince and All Saints are on the 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Subscribe to the blog to get three new Nordstrom Anniversary Sale exclusive #hautemama capsule wardrobes to match your style; Working Mama, Boho Mama, and Sporty Mama.

Creative Capsule | Simple Sample

1. Layering Piece | A Colorful Cardigan

A great layering piece is the most important because it can be worn with every outfit combination. Choose quality. A luxury label is worth the splurge. Shop for more cardigans sweaters HERE.

2. A Black or White Dress

A LBD or LWD should be a staple for your closet and creative capsule. I’ve always been a fan of t-shirt dresses. The best dresses are soft and just the right weight.

3. Pants

For travel consider something with 2% spandex or more so they keep their shape. Know your numbers and get a pair of jeans that fit fabulous or choose a cool and comfortable pull-on pant.

4. Heels

A square heel is the most versatile to dress up or down and the easiest to walk in.


You can’t go wrong with a sneaker or a slide. These are some of my favorites from Sam Edelman.

6. White or Black Tank

7. Striped Top

A striped top is one of the best “neutral prints” out there. It instantly adds interest to an outfit.

8. Button-Up

This one-piece alone can be styled in so many different ways. See how I styled my denim version in this video on Instagram.

9. Belt

Belts are the best accessories. They help to draw lines on your body to define your waist and create different shapes and silhouettes. Wheater you wear them through the loops or over your cardigan, make sure to buckle up!

10. PJs That Do Double Duty

This is like a secret weapon for your travel capsule wardrobe. You can use the pieces to make more outfits and you won’t look silly wearing your PJs to breakfast.

Travel Capsule

I’ve helped hundreds of women pack, some for a long weekend others for 28 days in Europe. The key is having the kind of outfit you need when you want it, even if the itinerary or weather changes. You can do this with the right pieces.

Seasonal Capsule Wardrobes


My summer capsule wardrobe includes 7 closet essentials on-trend any woman can wear.

All the tops go with all the bottoms! The combinations are endless.


This 9-piece capsule makes 24 fashionable outfits. Download a look book with all the outfit ideas HERE.

After I was a Nordstrom Stylist for 20 Years I Made This Capsule for $500

You can recreate my Spring Capsule Wardrobe for under $500 HERE.

Work Capsule Wardrobe

A Peek Inside the Post from Closet Choreography on Instagram

Click to Watch


Former Nordstrom Stylist Creates Her Entire Resort Capsule Wardrobe With Key Pieces starting at $8

After a career as a Nordstrom stylist, I created an entire resort capsule wardrobe with pieces starting at $8.

Invest in your Business Wardrobe Then You Can Wear it Casually

Invest in a capsule wardrobe for work that you can wear casually. Rework pieces like a blazer or a dress to make outfits for the weekend.

Capsule Wardrobe For Work | Meet the Hardest Working Executive Team of Closet Essentials in Your Wardrobe

Meet the hardest-working executive team of closet essentials in your wardrobe for work, no matter what you do.

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