Jennifer Sattler Stylist street style track pant outfit Sacramento Ca red flat quilted sandals black and whtie addias track pants black and gold gucci cardigan black and white tank top red belt bag red cross body bag
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Believe the Hype These are the Best Black and White Striped Tops

All of the tops in my closet are organized by color, with the exception of one section because it’s so big. My black and white striped top section justifies all the real estate it takes up in my closet. For years a classic striped top has been a go-to neutral print for all of my clients no matter their shape or style. Try this top. It never fails to create an ageless and effortless outfit.

Stripe With Stripe

Black and white striped top 
Black and white striped top outfit 
street style
addias striped sneakers folsom ca
Jennifer Sattler stylist
Striped Adidas Sneakers | Striped T-Shirt | Pants | Hoodie Jacket

Try this. Mix a striped top with another striped item. The pieces can be bold or subtle and so can the stripes.

Subtle Striped Shoes

Try Track Pants

Black and white striped tank top gucci cardigan sweater track pants red sandals belt bag street style black and white outfit black and white tank top outfit

Recreate the Look

Don’t be afraid to mix in more prints like a cool cardigan. When the other two striped pieces are subtle like a sneaker or track pants it’s easy to do.

Track Pants

Use Scale to Mix Striped Pieces in an Outfit

It helps if the patterns are opposite in the sale. For example, a thin striped tank top with a wide striped cardigan or striped trim jacket, as seen in my Emily in Paris Capsules.

Wide-Scale Striped Tops

Black and White But Make it Fashion With a Layer

Black and white striped top street style with a green bomber jacket jennifer sattler stylist
Striped Top | Classic Bomber Jacket Similar | Belt Bag

Bring your basics back to life all year long with a striped top. Everyone should have a classic utility jacket, classic blazer, and leather jacket. You can wear them all with jeans and a black and white striped top.

Green Jackets

Black, white and green always makes a great outfit color combination.

Classic Crew Neck

Classics With a Twist

A variety of necklines, silhouettes, and sleeve styles will give you plenty to play with.

Leather Jacket


Two of my favorite layering pieces over stripes are my All Saints leather Jacket and this Veronica Beard Blazer. A lightweight linen blazer or jean jacket works well in the summer.



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