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Closet Organization

DIY Closet Detox | Everything You Need to #getdressed

Most of us start our day in our closets. A well-edited and staged closet will provide you with a sense of organization and inspiration each day. I’m really good at shopping. One of my favorite places to shop is my closet because it has so many pieces I love, and almost everything I need to #getdressed. Yours can be too. Here are some tips to help you detox your closet like a professional stylist.


Group major categories (tops, pants, dresses, skirts) by color. Makes them easier to assess.

Look for Duplicates. Get rid of those in poor condition or ill fitting. Chances are if you have ten white tee shirts you probably choose the same two or three to actually wear.

Look for what’s missing. It’s not just about getting rid of things. Sometimes, it’s all adding the right pieces, so you can make more with what you have.

If you’re hesitant to let something go because you love it, even though it’s worn out, put it on your list of items to “keep with the need to replace”.


  • Keep things more than two sizes too big or too small.
  • Keep something for purely sentimental reasons. Store it in another closet, or consider donating it if you have pictures of it for memories.
  • Repurpose. Repurposing items you’re on the fence with often sets you up for another purge. Consider how often you do the thing you’re repurposing the item for. If you’re repurposing old shirts for painting, ask yourself how often you paint, and plan accordingly.

“There’s no reason why your closet shouldn’t be your favorite room in your house.”

If you need professional help, with your closet


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