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Nordstrom Shoppers Winter Wardrobe MVPs | 6 winter weather game changers from the N6 Drop.

My fashionable friends over 40 and I have spent most of our careers shopping at Nordstrom for ourselves and others. As seasoned Nordstrom shoppers we all agree that these 6 pieces will be winter weather game changers and your wardrobe’s new MVPs this season.


Mother Insider Crop | Target Tee | Veronica Beard Blazer | YSL handbag Similar | Converse | Cuff

Mother denim has been a Nordstrom 6 favorite forever. They make a variety of styles. These 3 styles are the ones that I recommend the most because they fit a majority of body types. They all have different inseams and leg shapes but most of them have a 10-11″ rise which seems to be the most universally flattering.

Insider Crop

These are my favorite jeans and the style I recommend the most. I love the 26″ cropped inseam. Wearing a pair this winter is such a fun way to show off your shoes and fitted boots.


The “Dazzler” is just a little bit longer than the “Insider”, with a 27.5″ inseam and stopping right about the ankle on most women. You’ll find most washes with a slight flare or 16″ opening like the first two here, and others with a straight leg 13″ opening.

If you’re petite in the legs you can use the “Dazzler” with the 16″ opening as your bootcut jeans. The small flare won’t overwhelm you and you won’t have to hem them!

Tomcat Roller

This jean is so popular it’s hard to find in stock. The high, but not too high, 11″ rise is balanced by the cool wide 24+” opening and long 31″ inseam. They were part of my summer capsule wardrobe, but I’ll be wearing them into fall with my stacked lug sole boots and sweaters.


This faux leather blazer is one of the best I’ve ever seen! Save the moo moos and some moolah at the same time with this winter wardrobe staple. The darts and the diagonal pockets create such a flattering silhouette. The details like quality buttons and the quilted collar are details you would find in a leather jacket for over $1000. Wear her with your favorite slip dress or a sweater and jeans.

More From Rag & Bone I’d Pick For You

These all pass the test and are styles that are on my New Wardrobe Checklist. The beautiful camisole top comes in two color combinations and had adjustable straps. The striped tee also comes in two colors and is the perfect blend of fabrics. This knit tank has the perfect neckline and can be styled solo or worn as a vest.


Red rover, red rover, send all the rovers over! This boot is a fantastic investment. The low 1.5-1.75″ heel is comfortable enough to wear all day. The almond-shaped toe looks good and keeps the boot from looking bulky.


The cost of luxury goods has gone up significantly. It’s hard to find many pieces under $1000. Small accessories like a Burberry scarf can make a big difference to your wardrobe. There are so many ways to wear one that if you consider the “price per wear” they definitely make a great wardrobe investment.

30 Ways To Wear a Square Scarf | Jen on Instagram

You can recreate these looks with a large square scarf. Swap the summer colors and fabrics in these outfits for ones that work in the winter. You can use my back and white capsules for most of them. Keep the shapes and styles the same.


Save or pin the pictures so you can recreate the looks later.


A cashmere piece gives every outfit that luxe feel from jeans and boots to a sequin skirt. Here are some of my current favorites from Norstrom.


ATM tee on the Nordstrom 6 sizes extra small to large.

I’ve been sharing this staple since day one. The ATM “schoolboy” is always available at Saks and Nordstrom and is the one I recommend the most. The cotton slub material allows for a little transparency. Showing a bit of body through the shirt prevents it from looking boxy on a bigger upper half. The fit is great. It tacks slightly on the sides, has slits, and has a flattering sleeve length for bigger boobs.

13 colors to choose from sizes extra small to large.

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