Using 20 years of experience as a personal stylist for Nordstrom, to show you what to buy and how to wear it.

Styling Houdini and closet curator from Chanel to Target. To find the best mix she shops online, at Nordstrom, and in local boutiques.

“I love shopping for good deals and anything Chanel. Too bad you don’t often find those together.”

Get inspired to #getdressed. Watch her videos and get some professional shopping tips, clever styling tricks, and foolproof fashion fundamentals.

Inside Sacramento calls Jennifer Sattler “The Real Deal” in their January 2020 edition.

“All I need for a good day is strong coffee to start, a cute outfit, and a whole lot of Jesus.”

“I just love you…you’re genuine, you’re funny, your’re interesting, you laugh at yourself and above it all…you’re nice.

Hector | Sacramento,Ca

"Other stylists aren't you my dear. You really get people and read them well. Thank you again for sharing your talent with us. I am certain that you will see what you are doing in life much more than clothes! (or rooms)! You help make me feel beautiful, confident and better about myself. You bring peace, beauty and order. It means more to me than you know. Congratulations on your growing success! I think it's awesome that you are sharing your perspectives here on IG."

Karen | San Francisco, Ca


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