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Fashion Fundamentals
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Capsule Wardrobe Checklists | How to Create a Current Capsule Wardrobe

My capsule wardrobe checklists make it easy for you to shop your closet and effortlessly pull together outfits. When your closet is full of current capsule wardrobes, you will never have to worry about what to wear.


Capsule wardrobes can be boring, but NOT MINE! I use the 20 years that I was a professional Nordstrom personal stylist to show you how to create current capsule wardrobes.

1 | Choose a Color Story

It doesn’t matter if you prefer prints or neutrals, just pick a color story to get going. You can take your color story from printed pieces like a colorful cardigan or layering top. If you prefer solids, choose a few neutral colors and an accent color. Black, white, and red are a popular trio.

Popular Prints for Inspiration

2 | Choose Styles That Mix and Match No Matter What.

This is the secret and probably the most important part. Pick styles and silhouettes that all mix and match. That means pants with a leg shape that all work well with the same shoe and long or short layering pieces that keep your proportions in check and avoid 50/50.

3 | Include at Least One Layering Piece.

A third piece helps pull any outfit together. Some of my favorite layering pieces include a blazer, cardigan, camo jacket, jean jacket, and leather jacket. I’ve dedicated entire blog posts to them.


CLICK HERE to shop for the pieces in this video or HERE to shop a current roundup of my favorite utility jackets starting at $59.

4 | Pick Pieces You Can Style in Two Ways.

Black and White Flannel 4 Ways | Long Sleeve White Top, Knit Leggings & Sneakers | Jeans, Camo Jacket, Belt, Boots, Bag, & Hoops | Spanx Leggings, Cocoon Cardigan & Boots

Like a flannel shirt from my cozy capsule wardrobe. Pieces that do double duty work the best, like a dress that doubles as a skirt, or a cardigan that can be worn backward as a pullover. A basic button-up is the ultimate double-duty closet essential. See some of the ways you can style one in this post.


It’s a guarantee that seasons and styles change. Here are the cliff notes and a capsule wardrobe catalog, by season, with some of my most popular posts. You might not be able to find the exact pieces I originally posted, but you can use the style boards, photos, and checklists to recreate the capsules.


I love to pack and I’ve helped hundreds of women do it, some for a long weekend and others for 28 days in Europe. The key is having the kind of outfit you need when you want it, even if the itinerary or weather changes. With the right travel capsule wardrobes, you can be a professional packer too.




Every generation will agree that classic capsule wardrobe staples like a white tee and jeans help make the best outfits. This August I shared 10 “modern” classic pieces that mix and match to make 38 different outfits.


A capsule wardrobe in itself my new wardrobe checklist is a definitive list that will be the backbone of your closet. As a personal stylist and fashion blogger over 40, I have a lot of clothes, but I personally wear these 14 staples the most. They are the pieces I check for every time I work with a client and the items that give YOU the fashion authority to incorporate new styles and make more outfits. 


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A capsule wardrobe in itself, this definitive list will be the backbone of your closet.

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