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Fashion Fundamentals

Travel Capsule Wardrobe Planner | International Travel Packing Part 2

Everyone I help pack wants to look great on vacation, be comfortable, and always have whatever they want to wear with them. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying a week or two, the secret to creating the ultimate travel capsule wardrobe is packing pieces you can wear in at least two ways. If you’re able to easily mix and match what you’ve packed, you’ll consistently have something stylish to wear, regardless of a changing itinerary or the weather.

What Do I Pack?

Start with the three essentials everyone needs; a comfortable shoe wardrobe, a simple jewelry set, and bags that go beyond your baggage. Then you can choose a color story that will guide your wardrobe selections. Ideally, you’d want all of your pieces to mix and match with each other, but at the least, you should be able to wear all of your items in at least two ways.

My 3 Ireland Essentials

This is what I actually took and they worked out great. I wore this belt bag every day!

Color Story for Your Travel Capsule

The biggest mistake women make when they pack is they bring all black. Your travel capsule wardrobe should excite you as much as the adventures that await you each day. Remember, you’re probably going to share photos from your trip and look back at them for years to come. Choosing a color story provides good inspiration and a place to start planning your travel capsule wardrobe.

Prints are Popular

I chose a printed cardigan for my trip to Ireland. Cardigans were part of my Sweater Stimulus Package post. A long or short cardigan is such a versatile piece. Cardigans are usually a versatile medium-weight layer that can be part of most of your travel outfits. They are also one of the most fun sweaters to style because you can wear them solo or even backward.

If you don’t want to commit to a print in a predominant piece you’re packing, try a graphic t-shirt. Pull some of the colors you like in with other solid color pieces. Wear one casually over a long sleeve top or back to a skirt and blazer as I did in my Ageless Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

What if I’m not a print person?

Prints versus neutrals. Try a neutral print. Neutral prints are those classic patterns that are easy to work with like animal prints and stripes. You’ll add interest and more outfits. Watch a sea of solid separates come to life with something as simple as a leopard print shoe.

6 Pack | Double Duty Travel Capsule Wardrobe Must-Haves

These 6 ultimate wardrobe essentials could go on any trip.

1 | “Dress” to Impress

Dress outfits are flattering, effortlessly fashionable, and function great day or night. The dresses in this post are my favorite for travel and may even make you want to give up pants!

2 | Pull-on Pants

Cool pull-on pants are part of my Ageless Spring Capsule Wardrobe. They make the perfect travel pant too. Comfortable enough for a 12-hour flight and stylish enough to wear out at night. My favorites this season have a modern track pant influence or kick slit.

3 | Black & White Base Layers

Never travel without a black and white tank top. Choose a style you can wear solo (that covers your bra straps) or layered. You can’t control the weather, but these little layers make it easy to adapt to it.

My new favorite tanks are from Tommy John. They are the most comfortable tank tops I’ve ever owned. They are designed for sleep, but the quality is so good you won’t be able to resist wearing them repeatedly.

4 | Jeans

Denim is the new black. Choose an updated pair of jeans that work with all of the shoe styles you are taking. For European travel, a pair of dark denim jeans look refined.

5 | Blazer

When you layer a structured piece over your comfortable loose layers you effortlessly pull your look together. Basic and bold blazers both make a great travel companion.

6 | Sweater

Soft layers are key for climate control. My favorite layering sweaters are cashmere because they are lightweight and warm, yet a natural fiber, so they breathe well too. Cardigans are my favorite sweater style for travel, but pullovers and hoodies are great too.

Gobi Cashmere is my personal favorite.

What to Wear.

Hover over this high $$$ low $ mix to shop now.

Wear whatever you want! That’s the beauty of a well-curated travel capsule wardrobe. You can make 28 different outfit combinations with just one of each of the pieces I recommended in this International travel packing series. Thank you Market Director Bobby Schuessler and Who What Wear for sharing my suggestions. Check out their take and shopping links here.


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