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Fashion Fundamentals
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International Travel Essentials Packing List | Part 1

If you start with these 3 travel essentials on my packing list you’ll use them more than any other pieces you take on your trip. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and practicality. Pack these three essentials and you’ll be able to mix and match to make more fashionable travel outfits than you need.

Travel Essential #1 | Shoe Wardrobe

When it comes to packing, especially for an International trip, I usually start with a shoe wardrobe. The right shoe selection makes it easy to mix and match outfits or easily change your look partway through the day. A variety of styles not only make it fun to mix and match but will support your feet in different positions. Remember, even your favorite footwear will start to hurt if you wear them too much and don’t give your feet a break.


According to a pediatrist the most comfortable heel is about 1-2″ high. I love a low-profile heel that works during the day or at night. Sometimes a square heel is the best option if you’re doing a lot of walking on cobblestone. If not, try a dainty heel that has ankle straps or holds on to your foot. Add some interest to your outfit and choose an unexpected neutral like an animal print or metallic.


Last summer I shared how fashion sneakers can go with all your outfits. The added bonus of a sneaker is that it’s great for all the walking one usually does on an International trip. This season what’s old is new again and classic converse hightops are making a big comeback. That’s why I suggested a pair in my ageless capsule wardrobe.

Slip on Flats

Every girl on the go needs an easy pair of slip-on flats. A pointed-toe style is the most flattering with skirts and wide-leg jeans. Make sure there is plenty of padding in the footbed. Consider styles that have an extra strap across your instep or come up higher on your foot like a loafer.

If you get the right style you can splurge on a designer brand you love.

Desinger Brand Splurge


I’m planning to pack a pair of stylish platforms for my trip to Ireland this Spring. Platform sandals have a cool European vibe that even works with a skirt during the day. Some of you swear by your flat sandals, but most of us need a little more support. A platform is so comfortable and looks like you’re not trying as hard as you would look wearing a wedge.

Travel Essential #2 | Jewelry Sets for Jet Setters

The fewer little parts and pieces you have to keep track of the better. Don’t ditch your accessories. Instead, choose a versatile set of 3-4 items you can wear all together or two at a time. These

Travel Essential #3 | Bags Beyond Baggage

There are a few types of bags essential for international travel.

Belt Bags

Belt bags can be styled in so many different ways; at your hip, at your waist, over your shoulder, over your bum, or across your body. That’s why I also included one in my spring capsule wardrobe, which would be great for travel. A nylon-style belt bag like these is so lightweight and great whether you splurge or save.


A tote or shoulder bag is perfect for the plane or train. These nylon travel totes all come with a zipper.

Wallet on a Chain

If you will be dressing up a lot on your trip consider a wallet on a chain. They are great space savers since the chain can be tucked inside and then be carried as a clutch or stowed in your tote.

This is just the beginning. Check back for more travel packing tips. Part two includes what to wear. To get some ideas start with my newest capsule wardrobe.


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