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How to Organize Jewelry according to a professional stylist and closet organizer

Most women have more of this than anything else in their wardrobe, yet they use it the least. Jewelry is the fastest way to show your style. Just a pair of earrings can make jeans and a white top outfit go from classic to boho. A little black dress’s magic ability to do double duty only works when you change up your jewelry and accessories. Try these tips to organize your jewelry, sort your accessories, and get your style dialed.

Organized Jewelry Starts With Like With Like

Take some time to sort and separate all those tiny little pieces into categories; necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. Once you have all your jewelry organized by categories collected, I like to sort them by color. This looks great and makes it easy to find what you want to wear fast.

Every Style Needs This Jewelry Capsule

My favorite color category and a jewelry capsule every style needs is two-tone. Layer all the pieces in a two-tone set, or use them as glue to connect other color stories.

Do you worry about matching metals? If the buckle on your shoes is silver and your watch is gold throw on some two-tone hoops and call it good girl.

I recently purchased these quality two-tone rings I wear every day. They make it easy to throw on any earrings or necklace I want.

This is the best two-tone necklace. It has a super smooth drawstring neck so you can wear it any length you want. Worn long it can really help to lighten up a bulky sweater. It looks great resting in the negative space of a delicate slipdress’s neckline too.

Organize Jewelry | Storage Solutions

jewelry organizing trays and hooks like with like
Part of my Personal Collection

Finally, work with the space you have to stage your collection so you can shop your closet.

1. Multipurpose

These 12.4″ L * 7.5″ W * 9.1″ H containers have 3 good size sections inside their pull-out drawers. I have all of my bracelets in them.

They would work well for rolled belts too. See why belts are the most flattering accessory HERE.

2. Jewelry Trays

You can blame the retail girl in me, but I love the simplicity of space-saving jewelry stacking trays. They work great in a drawer or on a shelf.

3. Ring Organizer

If you like it put a ring in it. I just did and it’s a game changer. You can see your rings like you would on your finger. Use the rows to style different stacks.

4. Label Maker

I’ve been using this simple manual embossing label maker from DYMO, but I can only imagine how this might just take my OCD to another level. Use it to label shelves, clear bins, and jewelry trays you are stacking.

5. Hooks

Decorative hooks that are easy to install like this work great for oversized necklaces. You can use the jewelry trays for your delicate pieces. Put a different color category on each hook so you can find what you need fast. You can also use hooks like this store and display hats.

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