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Fashion Fundamentals

Best Travel Outfits | Luxe Loungewear for Jetsetters

The best travel outfits are comfortable and stylish. Luxe loungewear is part of every fashionable jet-setter’s travel wardrobe. Never leave home without these splurge-worthy staples. Start your trip off right in soft joggers that’s shape will survive a long flight. Rest easy in pajamas so pretty you can wear them out.

Airport Travel Outfit

What to wear on a flight has a lot to do with where you are going, but nine times out of ten a luxe jogger will do the job.

Three Travel Outfit Ideas

Hover over any of the pieces for details. Shop now.

Travel Outfit 1 | Destination Somewhere Sunny.

I suggest wearing your bulkiest shoe so you can save room in your suitcase. If you’re headed somewhere tropical that shoe might be a sneaker. Check out this Burberry-inspired tote with a zipper from Amazon.

2 for 1 Tote. These are great for the pool or the plane.

Travel Outfit 2 | Destination Somewhere Chilly

It’s a good idea to travel with a scarf anytime, but an oversized cashmere scarf is perfect for this type of trip. Wear this stylish belt bag as an accessory or tuck it into your tote on the plane.

Travel Outfit 3 | Destination TBD

This travel outfit gives you options. Start with a neutral monochromatic base layer so you can easily add the right layering piece and shoes when you land. This reversible tote from MCM makes a great travel companion. It even comes with a zipper pouch the perfect size for your jewelry.

Pajama Capsule Wardrobe

This is a professional packer’s secret weapon and packing game changer. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying a week or two, the secret to creating the ultimate travel capsule wardrobe is packing pieces you can wear in at least two ways. This includes your pajamas.

I recently discovered Tommy John. Their clothes are the most comfortable I’ve ever had on my body, and their underwear changed my life! It’s no surprise they claim to have more life-changing products.

Mix and match this set to relax in, day or night. The three-quarter sleeve and no shoulder seam on this top are so flattering. The shorts would make a great swimsuit coverup somewhere tropical.

9 Pieces You Can Wear Out During the Day or All Night Long

Mix and match these super-soft separates.


6 Jean Types For Every Occasion and Season that Stylists Keep in Their Closets

There are 6 jean types that prove denim is the new black and will work for every occasion and season. Take my denim fit quiz, and find all the styles you need that will fit your body the best. Once you start collecting these covetable classics you will see how easy it is to make outfits you love every day!

We Shop at Nordstrom and All Love These New Spring Arrivals | The N6 February Drop

We shop at Nordstrom all the time and we fell hard for these 6 new February arrivals just in time for spring.


If you've been shopping with me for very long you may have these capsule wardrobe combinations hiding in your closet. This is the best time of the year to declutter your wardrobe and fill it with versatile pieces you love! Over the years the 14 items on my New Wardrobe Checklist have proven to be the most versatile. These closet essentials can create enough capsule wardrobe combinations to last you all year! Save the style boards in this post and you'll be able to create a look book that will give you new outfit ideas for an entire month.

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