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Designer Inspired Spring Trends 2022 | Attainable Fashion for Every Woman

Fashion and style mean something different to each of us, but they can bring us all the same confidence and inspiration we can use every day. As a personal stylist, I take inspiration from the fashion industry for myself and my clients, every day. I recently attended a designer preview event at Nordstrom and gorged myself on spring fashion from some of the most famous designer brands in the world. This spring there are some key designer-inspired trends that are predominant on the runways and attainable in real life.


After a few dark years, everyone seems to be craving color. This season cheer up your stale wardrobe with bright happy hues from bubble gum pink to kelly green. If you usually gravitate toward neutrals, try a bold shoe or accessory. There are no rules.

Bubble Gum Pink

Kelly Green

green street style
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One of the easiest and least expensive ways to wear a colorful outfit head to toe is in a dress like this from TOPSHOP.

Wear one color back to your neutral basics, two colors together, or one color head to toe. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner kaleidoscope. Have fun mixing colors like pink and red and incorporating bold multicolor prints.

Designer Inspired Micro Trends


Within these strong color movements, there were several micro-trends that emerged. Cut-outs are cropping up everywhere. If you’re not 5’11” and rail-thin, try a subtle cutout. I tiny bit of skin that shows at a strategic place on your body can be flattering on women of all sizes, especially in a dress.


Suits are making a comeback for work and play this spring. You have permission to exaggerate with color and silhouettes. Try a trending wide-leg trouser or oversized blazer with shorts.

Designer Inspired Spring Break

These cool cut-out swimsuits and puffy platforms will make a splash.


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