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Fashion Fundamentals

What Looks Best on Your Body | Tips from A Professional Stylist

There is a big difference between choosing pieces that you like, on the “hanger”, and choosing pieces that you like, on “you”. Twenty years in the dressing room at Nordstrom with clients has taught me so much. It may surprise you, but even the most beautiful of them all, would like to improve something about their appearance. I’m not claiming to be a fairy godmother, but I do have plenty of tips and tricks. Here are a few styling ideas you can use whether you’re shopping in a store, online, or in your closet. It boils down to working with what you’ve got and faking the rest.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. The styling tips I share in this post and video are the ones I use the most.

Watch this styling video I shared on Instagram to “see” what I mean.

1. The magic of monochromatic dressing.

2. How little design details make a big difference.

3. How to draw lines on your body to play with proportion.

4. How the right shoe can make an outfit.

Monochromatic Magic

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Look longer and leaner by creating vertical lines. The easiest way to do this is wearing all one color. Monochromatic outfits work like magic to effortlessly pull a look together. The secret is keeping the styles and silhouettes updated. Get 3 updated monochromatic outfit ideas and shopping links in THIS POST.

Design Details Draw Lines On Your Body.

Princess seams define the bust line and narrow the waist

Use construction details like darts, seams, and gathering to direct the eye.

Surplus Styles

Narrow your waist with asymmetrical and wrap styles that can pull the eye across the body to your desired waist.

Style Session | 3 Oufit Styling Tips

Here is another original style session from Closet Choreography on IGTV. I recorded it in 2020, but the style tips work today.

Watch this clip to get 3 fashion fundamentals to making a stylish outfit that looks best on your body.

#1 Be able to wear all of your pieces at least two ways.

#2 Pay attention to proportion. This is one of my most helpful tips. Pay attention to details like where hems start and stop. Never 50/50.

#3 Learn to layer with prints and accessories.


You never want to be 50/50. This is the most common mistake women make in getting dressed. Find out what is the best little accessory for making the biggest difference in your outfit proportions HERE.

Negative space isn’t always negative.

If you are broad or busy, open necklines are flattering. Contrarily, a petite frame or small bust can look emaciated inside too much negative space created in an open neckline. Get more of The Most Flattering Tops for Real Body Shapes HERE.

Nude Shoes

Never underestimate the right shoe. Nude shoes for the win. They go with everything and magically thin and elongate you. Matching your hemline to your shoes can also have the same effect.



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