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A Professional Stylist’s Packing List | The only travel tip you need to know

It doesn’t matter if you are going away for the weekend or creating a travel capsule wardrobe for international travel, if your packing list includes pieces that do double-duty you will always travel in style. This is the only travel tip you need to know. Here are three pieces I take all the time.

Not so Basic Button-Up

amazon skirt white blouse platfrom shoes white button up dressy outfiti jennifer sattler stylist chanel accessories
Button-up | Skirt | Shoes (similar) | Bag | Jewelry Vintage

I dedicated an entire blog post to this wardrobe essential responsible for effortless style HERE. I shared some easy outfit ideas for day or night when the weather is cooler alongside some different ways to style your shirt tucked or untucked. Here are a few ways you can wear it after you add one to your summer packing list.

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White Button-ups From Nordstrom

These classic button-ups from Nordstrom are all a cotton blend. Blends are better. They don’t wrinkle as badly and are more playable to style than a 100% cotton button-up.

This Summer’s Spin

This summer button-up shirts are oversized and come in a bunch of fun colors. This outfit with my oversized pink button-up is just one of many you can make with more pieces from my Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

These are the best fit and fabrication. 22 colors to pick from and under $75!

Double Duty Dresses

Dresses do all the work for you when you add them to your packing list, especially if you choose styles that do double duty like a slip dress or tee shirt dress. A slip dress is great because you can layer fashionable pieces over it to dress it up or casual pieces under it to dress it down.

Both of these dresses from the Banana Republic are made of washable silk and cut on the bias. They are both offered in 4 versatile colors and petite, regular, and tall sizes.

An animal print is a great neutral print to travel with too.

Both of these brands have my stylist’s stamp of approval. The black and blue from Vince are on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale now.

Tee Shirt Dress

Get the Look

A rushed body-con tee shirt dress can be worn in so many ways when you travel. The added bonus is it doesn’t wrinkle or take up a lot of space.

This great little tee shirt dress from Nordstrom for under $60 is a winner and one also of The Nordstrom 6’s new drop. It comes in a bunch of colors and plus sizes.

Jewelry That Goes With Everything

Don’t skip accessories when you travel. As a matter of fact, the right accessories, really complete the simplest outfits. Choose minimal pieces that all work together and you can wear them every day.

David Yurman

I recently invested in some two-tone rings to wear with my favorite hoops. I wear my pinky ring every day! Two-tone jewelry is so versatile. It’s ideal for travel. A few key pieces allow you to wear all of your jewelry, together even if they’re not all the same metals. This long necklace with an adjustable chain does double duty as a short necklace too!

Two-tone jewelry on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ’22


Turquoise jewelry is another travel-friendly favorite. It’s a neutral color that goes with everything.

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A capsule wardrobe in itself, this definitive list will be the backbone of your closet.

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