Minimalistic Capsule Work Wardrobe | Exactly What to Wear Every Day of the Week

work capsule wardrobe style board with oversized blazer a split neck blouse reversible belt tote shirtdrss stretch pants shoes ow heel shoes open toe sandals knit tank dressy shorts

Maximize your personal style potential with this minimalistic capsule wardrobe that will take the stress out of getting dressed for work. Make more summer outfits than you need for your work wardrobe each week with only 6 key pieces. If you’re looking for fall and winter work outfits continue to this 2023 post with my minimalistic business casual capsule.

What to Wear to Work

Click through to see 9 different outfit combinations you can make using only 6 key pieces. Save them to Pinterest or your camera roll and use them as recipe cards for your own work wardrobe capsule.

More Minimalistic 2022 Work Capsules

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capsule work wardrobe 
capsule wardrobe for work
linen blazer
linen shorts
veronica beard
white line dress
black steretch pants with slit
white tie neck blouse
monogram tote
coach tote
nordstrom sandals
Oversized Blazer | Shorts | Stretch Pants | Knit Tank | Split-Neck Blouse | Shirtdress | Sandals | Tote

Splurge or Save at Nordstrom. The outfit combinations are the same.

2023 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

2022 Executive Team Shopping List

1 | Oversized Blazer

A blazer is the best layering piece for a work wardrobe. This summer blazer styles are more relaxed and less structured, making them cool and comfy. All of these blazers have matching short or wide-leg pants sold separately.

2| Shorts or Wide Leg Pants

Shorts are stylish and cool. If you feel too exposed in shorts try a culotte or wide-leg pants instead.

Bonus Stylist tip– An open-textured stocking, like a small-scale fishnet, does a great job of camouflaging any skin imperfections.

These suits have two bottom options. If you wear tights, you can use both bottoms all year long.

3| Stretch Pants

These are great quality options with elastic waists I added in 2023.

4| Knit Tank

A thin knit tank like this can do double duty as a vest over a thin blouse but looks great as a simple top too. Here are some styles you add now in the spring of ’23 and wear all year.

5| Split-Neck Blouse

6| Shirtdress

You can add a classic shirtdress to dress outfits that will make you want to give up pants I shared here. Not only can this dress do double duty as a tunic over pants, but unbuttoned it becomes a triple threat as a jacket.

Here’s a 2023 Roundup of my favorite white shirtdresses. Get more flattering white dress links to shop HERE.

Bonus stylist tip– Straight silhouettes are more convincing as a tunic or jacket than A-line.

Stylist Tips & Simple Swap Outs

Norstrom Work capsule wardrobe work wardrobe 
capsule work wardrobe 
capsule wardrobe for work
pink blazer
pink shorts
pink and white stripe shirtdress
black steretch pants with slit
white tie neck blouse
monogram tote
MCE reversible tote
nordstrom sandals
Oversized Blazer | Shorts | Flare Jeans | Knit Tank | Split-Neck Blouse | Shirtdress | Pumps | Sandals | Tote

Swap Stretch Pants for Dressy Flare Jeans

These colors are the dressiest but get the complete list of links to the best flare jean styles this summer here.

Monochromatic Match

Swapping or adding another knit tank to your capsule in a color that matches your bottoms to make a monochromatic match or twins with your top is just shopping smart. All of these knit tank tops come in more than one complementary color.

Double Duty Accessories

These are great designer brand investments. Because you can wear them at least two ways, it’s like getting two for one.

Reversible Tote

There is no better work bag for your buck than this. It even comes with a free zipper pouch.

Reversible Belts

Size down so you can wear it around the waist of your shirt dress or over your blazer too.

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