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Fashion Fundamentals


The key to styling prints vs neutrals is neutral prints. I’ve partnered with an industry stylist and an art teacher to show you how to make wearable mixed-patterned outfits. If your style is eccentric, classic, or somewhere in the middle you can mix patterns. Neutral prints are those patterns that are easy to wear and mix with others to make mixed print outfits. You may be surprised to see how many different outfits you can make with something striped, leopard print, or monogrammed.


Neutral prints are those patterns that are easy to wear and mix with others to make mixed print outfits. I’m wearing 3 of my favorites here.


This timeless print with never go out of style and works with any esthetic.

Stylist Tip- Choose stripes that are opposite in scale to the print you want to wear them with. For example a small-scale stripe with a large-scale floral.

Stripes Work Great in Capsule Wardrobes


Leopard print is naturally neutral and works back to almost any color and is a dynamo duo with black. Break free from boring bottoms with a comfortable and easy leopard print skirt or pants.

High-Low With a Leopard Skirt

High-Low Leopard Print Dresses

High-Low at H&M For The Win

An Old H&M Blouse | Jeans | Blazer | Belt Similar


Monogram prints are mostly solid so they play nicely with other prints, especially stripes.

This is a look I put together with my favorite monogram piece for a styling video collaboration with Audree Kate Lopez and Nicole Hinchman.

I used this neutral leopard blouse from H&M and small-scale Missoni scarf and snakeskin boots for added interest.

Gingham – another print that can act as a neutral

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