I made a Spring Capsule Wardrobe Under $500 After I Was a Professional Nordstrom Stylist For 20 Years.

Having great style has more to do with how you put your pieces together than where you get them. The best capsule wardrobes start with current closet essentials that fit your body and are easy to mix and match. You can recreate my spring capsule wardrobe with just 9 new pieces. Use my list then let your style help you decide when to splurge and when to save. Either way, you’ll have enough fashionable outfits for any occasion this spring.

1. Bold Blazer

Blazer | T-shirt | Skirt | Bag | Hoops

If you own a great classic blazer like the Veronica Beard Miller or L’agence Kenzie, adding a novelty blazer in a different fabrication will expand your outfit option potential. You may be surprised by how versatile a budget-friendly bold blazer can be. Get a bunch of ways to wear one HERE.

2. White Jean Jacket

Jean Jacket | Tank | Shirt | Belt Bag

In the spring my white jean jacket is a wardrobe workhorse. My classic style with neutral hardware is my staple, but I recommend a variety of styles from oversized to cropped to play with.

Under $50

3. Wide Leg Jeans

Target Jeans

Jeans | Blazer | Tank | Belt Bag | Converse

There’s nothing like a pair of premium jeans to make you feel like a million bucks, but if you can find a pair that’s on-trend and matches your measurements buy them! Get some styling tips for this seasons high waisted wide leg jeans HERE.

Premium Denim under $100

4. Pull On Pant

Pants | Top | Blazer | Converse | Belt Bag

These comfortable pants just make good fashion “cents”. The cost to produce pull-on pants is minimal compared to other styles, so it’s easy to find some on-trend and under budget. I have the last two and love them. For the price it’s nice to have a cropped and long style

5. Metallic Skirt

Skirt | Tank | Jean Jacket | Belt Bag | Sandals

Despite the price, a metallic skirt is always a good wardrobe investment. You can rock the right style with a band tee or a blazer and high heels. There are so many simple slip skirt street style outfit ideas.

At these prices you can’t afford not to get one of each style.

6. Graphic T-Shirt

T-shirt | Jeans | Bag

A graphic t-shirt is a personal favorite of mine. I like a combination of oversized and classic fit styles. You can distinguish some of my favorites by their iconic graphics, making it easy to get the look for less. Mix those bargain T’s in with the big brands you fall hard for like Anine Bing and your style will come alive.

Under $15

7. White Tank

Target Tank only $8

Refresh your whites each season. I wear a white tank almost every day. This style $8 tank from Target works well on my body type so I buy it in bulk. Sometimes you want something a thicker or a dressier fabric, and that’s worth the extra investment.

From Nordstrom

8.Striped Top

T-shirt | Pants | Converse | Bag | Hoops

I think I have more striped tops in my closet than any other item. A variety of colors, widths, fabrics, and styles make it fun to make outfits stand out. The variety in all these things obviously comes with a variety of matching price points.

9. Square Neck Top

Top | Pants | Belt Bag | Blazer | Converse

A square neck top is one of the most flattering top styles on a woman’s body A beautiful blouse that makes an outfit is worth the splurge but you may want to save on that everyday cotton t-shirt.

Under $60

Fresh and Forward From Free Poeple

Accessories that Complete Your Capsule

One of the secrets to high low staying is splurging on a big brand accessory, like an iconic handbag. My spring capsule wardrobe this season has some wriggle room.

Belt Bags

I’ll always tell you to pull the trigger on a designer bag if it’s within your budget but the two bags I’m suggesting for this capsule wardrobe are surprisingly affordable. Belt bags are one of the least expensive designer handbags you can buy.

Savings in the Bag

I’m also suggesting a white bag. Try one of these styles from Target I intentionally chose because they don’t have any hardware, which tends to be a dead giveaway on an inexpensive bag.

Recreate My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

These are the 9 elevated wardrobe essentials I used. Choose your 9 from this post and you’ll still have money leftover for shoes and accessories.

Grand total $350

Another 9 under $500

Grand total $400

Now you have everything you need. Check out my first Ageless Spring Capsule Wardrobe post for more options and 24 sample outfits you can make with your 9 new pieces.


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