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Fashion Fundamentals
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If I could share one thing that my career in style and fashion has taught me it’s that every woman can find a style that they love, and make great outfits. Tomorrow I leave for an LTK conference in Texas with some of the nation’s biggest fashion influencers. Many of them are half my age. I’m so excited to show my personal style and wear some fashionable outfits from my wardrobe that I feel good in. A major part of defining your style is finding pieces that you love and that look good on your body. It helps to have these stylist tips up your sleeve too.


This style tip has nothing to do with size and everything to do with proportion. If you can imagine your silhouette and shape as if drawn on grid paper, you can use what you wear to create the body shape you desire and create flattering focal points.

Styling Tips & Tricks on Instagram

Sometimes it’s as simple as rolling your sleeves to show your wrists or hemming your pants to show off your ankles. Mastering the messy tuck can help you add length to your leg line and avoid looking 50/50. It also creates movement around your middle, which can help disguise a tiny pooch.

Nude Shoes

From Left to Right. Top to Bottom. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.  6.  7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Nude shoes work wonders as they can extend your leg line and help balance proportions. I just updated THIS BLOG POST with some of my favorite styles.

New Nude Boots

Top Tops

If you aren’t confident in your upper half don’t try and hide it in oversized tops. Instead, try styles that kiss not cling to the body. Those create the most flattering silhouettes. Choosing surplus or wrap-style tops and dresses with diagonal lines can shape and slim your body, and help avoid looking boxy too.

Surplus Under $100

The Itty Bitty Tity Committee

Create volume with a textured top.

Top Tops for Busty Babes

Shallow square, scoop, and v-necklines that show a little skin but not a lot of cleavage are flattering. Remember styles that “tack” or touch high on your ribcage and then float over your body will help you keep your shape.

Universally Flattering

Long sleeve split neck tops are universally flattering. All these are under $100.

Monochromatic Outfits are Head to Toe Outfit Heros

Watch on Instagram Natalia is 5’8″ size 31/10. Jen size 0/25.

Monochromatic dressing is a shortcut to putting together outfits that never fail to look good on, but don’t require a degree in fashion or the perfect figure. Shop two new monochromatic wardrobe capsules I made HERE.


Please don’t mistake staying in style for being a slave to new trends. Staying in style is about keeping your closet essentials updated with current styles and silhouettes. Here is a list with shopping links I made if you are starting over or needing a refresh. It’s password protected so if you’re not a subscriber you can sign up HERE.

Get your Denim Dialed

If you shopped your closet would you find these 7 jean styles? Get my online shopping tips and links to shop and update your denim wardrobe now, HERE. The simplest staples always look effortlessly fashionable no matter your personal style or body type. Natalia 5’8 and 38DD is wearing size 31 jeans and a medium top. I’m 5’4” and 32a wearing a size 25 jeans and xs top.

Fall Footwear

1. Let go of rounded toe flats. Go get pointed.

2. Let go of bulky booties. Go get ones that are fitted to your foot.

3. Let go of wedge heel boots. Go get stacked heels instead.

4. Let go of flat boots with zipper backs. Go get tall westerns.

Pointed Toe Flats High-Low
Fitted to the Foot
Stacked Heel


Confidence is the best accessory. The next best is a designer handbag. The most important thing when you are shopping is NOT the price. If you buy things you love that look good on your body, you’ll always have something great to wear. The best styles are those that mix name brands with more affordable ones for a one-of-a-kind look. High-low styling is smart and saves you money. Having designer brand pieces you love like a Veronica Beard Blazer or YSL handbag helps you achieve an effortlessly stylish look no matter what you wear them with.

5 High-Low Outfits for Texas

$$$ Chanel Jacket – $ Amazon Camisole

$$$ Vince Slip Dress – $ Target Hat

$$$ Veronica Beard Blazer – $ Amazon Skirt

$$$ Leather Cowboy Boots – $$$ Target Slip Dress

$$$ Chloe Handbag – $ Slip Dress Under $100

Follow me on Instagram to see what I pick.


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