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There are 7916 pairs of jeans at Nordstrom but you just need these 7 to keep current and to make the ideal jean wardrobe. I did the research so you don’t have to. These are the styles that I suggest everyone have. When I became a blogger I became an online denim expert. Ultimately, it’s a numbers game and you need to know yours. Grab a tape measure and the best-fitting pair of jeans you own and I’ll help you find all the jeans you need.


how to take your jean measurements so you can shop for jeans at nordstrom. target graphich tee target jeans 
rise inseam opening
Target Jeans | Graphic Tee | Shoes (Similar) | Bag | Blazer

1. Start with a pair of jeans that don’t droop in the crotch. Mark the top of the waistband and the hem. You can use masking tape.

2. Find your RISE. Measure from the center crotch seam to the top of the waistband. Use that number to find how long your rise would be if it went over your belly button and started at your natural waist and how long it would be if it started under your belly button. This will help you find What Jeans Work Best on Your Body. Most women will choose a style right at the belly button or 1 -2 finger widths above or below it.

3.  Find your INSEAM to the ground. Measure from your center crotch seam to the floor. Make sure your tape measure is taut by stepping on it. You can use that measurement to determine how long your rise would be to the top of your ankle or your CROPPED INSEAM.

4. Find your CROPPED INSEAM. Mark your ankle then measure from there to the bottom of your heel. Minus that number from your LONG INSEAM length to get cropped inseam.

Click to Watch How to Measure

how to meansure your jean inseam and rise jennifer sattler stylist on intagram how to take your denim measurements
how to take your measurements
Jen on Instagram White Tank | Jeans


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Right now ’70s denim styles like Seven’s “Dojo” are on-trend. Don’t skip this style if you want to be current this season. Most of these come with a high rise but balance nicely with a wider opening and a higher heel. I shared some outfits with a few of my favorite flare-leg jeans in my Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

Best Long Flares Jeans at Nordstrom


If you like a little more coverage above the belly button try the “Farrah” with an 11.5″ rise and 32″ inseam.


If your proportions are petite try the “Fray”. It has a shorter 9.5″ inseam, 30.5″ inseam, and narrower opening at 16″ versus 20-22″.


This best-selling bootcut comes with a 10″ rise and long 34″ inseam. My favorite feature about this style is the super soft fabric and many color options.

Which Shoes Balance Best With Long Flares

When it comes to which shoes look best with long flare jeans, it’s all about balance. Sometimes wider-leg jeans need the height and weight of a stacked heel like these under $150


Ankle jeans and a basic button up.
The simplest staples always look effortlessly fashionable no matter your personal style or body type.

Natalia 5’8 and 38DD is wearing a size 31 jean and medium top. I’m 5’4” and 32a wearing a size 25 jean and xs top
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 Jennifer Sattler Stylist on Instagram
Juniper Crop Flare | White Button-up | Nudes Shoes | Gucci Belt

Natalia is 5’8″ and wearing a size 31. I’m 5’4″ and wearing a 25. Watch our 15-second fashion show HERE ON INSTAGRAM. Fun fact; I have more crop flare jeans than any other style in my closet.

Best Crop Flare Jeans


The “insider crop” is a fan favorite. The step hem is a fun way to show of your fashionable footwear.


The “le crop mini bootcut” is just a little lower in the rise than the other crop flares and has a 9.75″ which is nice if you’re short-waisted.


I own this “juniper” style in every wash Fidelity makes in this premium denim. The white is nice and thick. The overall fit in Fidelity is slightly generous, so if you’re between sizes you can size down.


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When paired with a heel, a long wide leg jean can be one of the most flattering styles on. Try one dressed up or down with a cool blazer.

Cool Blazers

Best Long Wide Leg Jeans


If you want a style that sits at your natural waist try the “Mia” with a 12″ high rise. She also comes with a long 33.5″ inseam with a raw hem, so she’s easy to hem at home. Watch how HERE.


This is one of my most comfortable pairs of jeans. At 5’4″ it’s a high rise on me and comes with an 11.5″ rise and 31″ inseam.


If you don’t want to commit to the high rise or run short through the middle, try the “Katie” with a 10.5″ rise and 31″ inseam. I recommend sizing down to avoid a gap at the waist.

jeans at nordstrom sandiego black top YSL belt  long high rise wide leg jeans from joes mia
Joe’s “Mia” Jeans | Top | Belt | Boots


You can wear cropped jeans like this all year long. There were 8 outfits with them in my Ageless Spring Capsule Wardrobe. The secret to making flattering outfits with cropped jeans is choosing the right shoe.

I sourced 10 of my favorite shoes for this style HERE in my blog post How to Style High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans.

Best High Rise Jeans at Nordstrom


These are 28″ long so they won’t be too long if you have long legs. They come with an 11.5″ rise.


If you just can’t stomach the higher rise these have a 10.5″ rise instead. They hover at 27″ and come in 3 blue washes.


If you have short legs these only have a 25″ inseam and only an 11″ rise.


paige cindy jeans at nordstrom vintage luggage white button up burberry kitten heels
Cindy Straight Leg Jeans | White Button Up | Burberry Shoes | Nude Belt (similar) | Trench (similar)

Straight-leg jeans are the jean that you can wear with any shoe and most boots. Overall straight-leg jeans are trim and should fall straight from your knee to the bottom of your hem. Straight-leg jeans are categorized by an inseam that hits right around the ankle or heel of your foot and is around 13-14″ wide at the opening, compared to a flared style that is closer to 16″-21″.


A Nordstrom 6 favorite the “Cindy” has an 11″ rise and 28″ inseam which fits most body types. You’ll always find cool new colors, fabric treatments, and washes.


The “Mari” has a long 29″ inseam, great for long legs, and a universally flattering 10″ rise.


The “Dazzler” is an influencer favorite. More of the washes look vintage and are a little stiffer than most of their spandex-infused counterparts. The “Dazzler” has a 27.5″ inseam and 10″ rise.

6 | SLIM

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jeans at nordstrom
Slim Jeans | Tee | Coatagain | Bag | Strap | Shoes (similar)

Slim denim styles really help balance your proportions when you wear long tops. Slim jeans are a dressier alternative to leggings and keep you looking lean. Here’s the skinny on skinny jeans. Just like any other fashion staple they need to be updated and styled to stay looking current.

Jennifer Sattler Stylist Cafe Bernardo Pavillions shopping center sacramento ca wearing leopard print mules jcrew tan coat street style red coach purse and classic whitte tee
jeans at nordstrom
Slim Jeans | Tee | Coatagain | Bag | Strap | Shoes (similar)

Lower-rise jeans are making their way back. This doesn’t mean pulling out your old ones if they still fit. Newer styles may have the same low rise, but the short 2 -3″ zippers are a dead giveaway that they are dated. To find the most flattering shape for your legs look at the size of the opening at the hem. Newer styles of jeans at Nordstrom with a low rise and wider opening, like those I shared in my Modern Classic Capsule Wardrobe, can minimize your curves. Likewise, a high rise with a narrow opening can give a boxy booty a boost.

Skinny Jeans at Nordstrom With a Narrow Opening


The “Farrah” has a long 31″ inseam, versatile 10″ rise, and narrow 10″ opening making her a good choice for long legs who want to add a little curve to their calves by defining their ankle.


The “Cate” has a lower 9″ rise, 27″ inseam, and the same narrow 10″ opening making her a good choice for most petite gals 5’5″ and under.

Modern Skinny Jeans at Nordstrom With a Low Rise and Wider Opening


The “Prima” is an N6 favorite. This style has a 10″ rise, 12″ opening, and short 26″ inseam for petite legs.


The version of the “Prima” has a longer 29″ inseam, 12″ opening, and 9″ rise.


Jennifer Sattler Stylist Cafe Bernardo Pavillions shopping center sacramento ca wearing white gucci  mules jcrew tan coat street style black jeans novelty steet style jeans at nordstrom
Black Novelty Jeans | Camisole Top | Coatagain | Shoes (similar) | Bag Vintage

Once you know what styles work best on your body invest in classic colors and novelty fabrications to make more outfits.



Yes, you can wear white jeans after labor day. Read this post-Jeans You Can Wear if You Don’t Look Like a Supermodel, for more of my white jean recommendations.


Dark Denim




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