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Fashion Fundamentals
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What Jeans Work Best on Your Body

 I spent 20 years helping women find the perfect jeans in the dressing room at Nordstrom. It wasn’t until I became a blogger that I became a denim expert. That’s when telling women what looked best on them went beyond trial and error to a breakdown of what jeans work best on their bodies. Here are some highlights and helpful hints.

The Perfect Jeans For Your Body

As if it’s not hard enough to find the perfect jeans. What some brands consider low rise another brand doesn’t. Some styles with the same measurement at the hem say “skinny” and others say “straight”. What looks like a crop flare on the model may be more of a bell bottom on you. Ultimately, it’s a numbers game and you need to know yours. Grab a tape measure and the best fitting pair of pants you own and get to know your numbers.

Measurements & Fit Tips

I showed just how easy it can be to find your next favorite pair of jeans online, without trying them on, here on Instagram!

1. Rise

Rise is the measurement from the midpoint of the crotch, where all the seams come together, to the waistband on the front side of the jeans. 

Jean styles are usually categorized as low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise. You can use your belly button as a gauge to determine which rise will look best on you. A low rise usually sits two inches or more below your belly button, a mid-rise at it, and a high-rise over it, closer to your natural waist. The trick is finding a style that works with your proportions to minimize your middle and accentuate your booty. Remember, what one brand may consider midrise may be high rise for you.

Your rise is the most important measurement because it affects the overall fit. A style that sits near the navel is the most universally flattering. On most women that is about a 10-11″ rise.

Best Sellers with a 10-11″ Rise

See more washes in the “Cindy”, “Le High Straight”, “Mari”, “Dazzler” and the “Cher”.

Elongate Your Torso with a Shorter Rise

If you have a short torso or full low bustline a shorter rise will give you more space between your belt and boobs. It can also help you avoid that awkward zipper buckle you get when you have more jeans than the body in them.

The New Skinny Jean

Click HERE to watch my Haute Mama Look of the Day on Instagram and get my stylist tip to finding modern skinny jeans that are flattering for curvy figures.

Popular Picks with a 9-9.5″ Rise

Above the Belt

If you have short legs in comparison to your torso consider borrowing from your bigger half and try a higher-waisted style that elongates your legs. High-rise styles can also help to add curves to a body style that is straight up and down by defining your waist at its smallest. Exaggerate those curves with a tapered ankle or boot cut.

2. Inseam

Your inseam is the measurement from the center crotch seam to the hem. You can be tall and have a short inseam. Use the measurement to your ankle as a guide when picking a style so you can visualize what the jeans will look like on you instead of the model online.

Classic Crop Flare Jeans

By far the best selling crops are the “Insider”, “Mini-Boot”, and the “Juniper”.

Crop Flare Jeans for Long and Short Legs

These are under $120 and come in three inseam lengths.

Hem Your Jeans

This year flare leg jean styles are trending. I shared some outfits with a few of my favorite flare-leg jeans in this post and in my Summer Capsule Wardrobe. Once you have all of your new jean outfits with the right boots you’ll need to decide on an inseam. Long jeans look best with a heel. If you want to wear multiple heel heights from a kitten heel to a tall platform, I recommend an inseam that stops about an inch below the ball of your foot. Then you can wear your jeans with all of your heels.

The Best Length for Long Jeans

How to Raw Hem Your Jeans No Sewing!

WATCH How Closet Choreography on Instagram.

Jen’s Favorites

For reference, I’m 5’4″ and wear a size 25. My upper torso is longer in proportion to my leg line. I don’t want to admit how many colors I have in these ultra-flattering wide-leg crop jeans from Fidelity. I love to style them with cork heel sandals in the summer and a fitted-to-the-foot boot in the fall. There is a new black wash with exposed rose gold button fly that is to die for coming soon.

White Jean Wonders

Shop all my favorite white jeans for you too in this blog post dedicated to Stylish Summer Outfits With White Jeans.

Watch My White Jean Show and Tell



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