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Closet Organization

Pretty – Practical Closet | The Best Closets Are Both

The best closets are those that are both pretty and practical. Those are the kind of spaces you can maintain after they’re staged, and you might just find yourself saying it’s your favorite room in the house.

It’s a good idea to rearrange or tweak a few things each season to make the most of your prime real estate.



Hanging shelves like this works well too.


Move this season’s shoes into your prime real-estate.

Once you’ve detoxed what you don’t need, make room for bulky winter items. Start my moving “summer” shorts out of the way. Hang the few pair you may wear in the winter with boots or tights.


The right tools make it so easy.

Lucite shelf dividers are a fantastic way to keep your stacked sweaters from falling over or prop your handbags up.

Keep boots upright and displayed with boot shapers. These plastic ones from Amazon are a great choice. If you have a pair of boots that are too tall or too short for shapers, consider cutting a pool noodle to size instead.

If you hang you jeans, use this cute cedar set to separate your styles.

Fold a heart into your sweaters or drop them into your boots.

If you fold your jeans, stack them in piles by style and with the pocket showing. The pocket is on of the distinguishing features on a pair of jeans. You can also label you shelves with this cute little label maker only $9.99. This all makes finding the right pair fast and easy.

Picture credit Harpers Bazar

Consider hanging hats. Hats can be tricky. Often times they are too wide for our shelves or become a space hog. Hanging hats make use of unused wall space in your closet and when done right look good outside those walls as well.

For more closet inspiration check out my DIY Detox Your Closet post. You can also see some of my work here.


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