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Fashion Fundamentals

Splurge and Save On Style | Budget-Friendly Fashion Finds For a Timeless Look

When shopping for your closet, do you prefer paper or plastic?. Whether you splurge or save, I promise you’ll love all these fashion finds. Look what I found.

Wondering which pieces are best for you? Here are my stylist-approved suggestions to help you decide.



“You’ll feel like a million bucks in something you can afford or cheap in something beyond your budget. “

Splurge on traditional Gucci mules when you can but save on the fur-lined fake mules from Target.

IF IT’S MOSTLY SEASONAL. The light wash jeans from Mother can be worn a million different ways, but a light wash jean skirt will likely live in your spring and summer outfit rotation.

IF YOU WANT MORE OF “TREND” YOU’RE LOVING NOW. Vegan leather is everywhere this season, and with a much lower ticket price than real leather, choosing trendy new silhouettes like this $98 double-breasted blazer is an easy purchase to justify.

IF IT DOESN’T SUIT YOUR LIFESTYLE. If you’re hard on your things, can’t ever find your sunglasses, and don’t know where the case they came in is, then dupes might be the best bet for you.


WHEN YOU CAN. Who doesn’t like nice things? Ask 100 women what purse they would pick if they could have anyone anywhere, and most would choose a black CHANEL handbag. Not only can you wear her all year, but you can also wear her every day! Until that day comes here are some nice options.

IF IT’S A PIECE YOU’LL WEAR ALL YEAR. For most of us, that’s a good pair of jeans. These light wash crop flair from Mother are my favorite now.

IF ITS A PIECE YOU WEAR ALL THE TIME. A graphic tee is a wardrobe staple for me and many of my clients. This iconic Gucci T-shirt is the best of the bunch. Style her with everything from a leather pleated skirt to jeans and a tee shirt. A quality belt is also a sure bet to get you your bang for your buck, especially if you buy a style and size you can wear at your natural waist and through belt loops like those from Gucci.

WHEN QUALITY AFFECTS COMFORT. An animal print shoe is one of the most versatile shoes you will ever own. A classic 3″ pump like the Romy from Jimmy Choo goes the distance with so many different looks. If it’s a style staple for you, don’t settle for less expensive versions that aren’t 100% leather uppers and soles. Your feet will thank you. My nude Jimmy Choos are older than my oldest son.

IF IT’S MORE TIMELESS THAN TRENDY. Everyone should own a classic leather jacket. Choose a timeless silhouette like the classic leather jacket by Vince. It will last forever.


“From Chanel to Target”

Whether it’s paper or plastic, these items all play well together and are easy to incorporate into lots of different outfits.

Splurge on wardrobes staples Mother Jeans and Gucci T Shirt. Save on trendy vegan blazer and winter booties.

Splurge on a timeless leather jacket. (This is mine from Vince over 15 years old) and go to Gucci Belt. Save on this fun graphic T-shirt and trendy light wash paper bag denim skirt.


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