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Pajama Party | New PJ’s Will Change Your Life

Truth or dare? Do you wear your old stained clothes as mismatched pajamas? Do you feel like the longer you’re home the more homeless you look? There’s nothing like new pajamas to make you feel better. Apply one of my fashion fundamentals, and you can even wear these PJs out.


This combo is my personal pick and “rocks” as a gift since its one size fits most. Walk on the wild side with an animal print robe, surprisingly versatile over all your PJS because its a neutral print.

I love this graphic T-Shirt dress under my new Kate Spade robe, just the perfect length for me at 5’4′. Although I love in these slippers now, I’ll trade them out for my favorite new moto boots when I wear this dress over my grey leggings and topped with a shirt jacket.

With so many fashionable choices you may want to wear yours out with some dainty heels like these models.

If you aren’t as fashion forward, you can still dress like one for bed, in these silky sets.


Pants | Tank |Shorts | Robe

Kim’s new line SKIMS is the ultimate in cozy couture. Perfect for crisp weather at Lake Tahoe, or picture perfect for Christmas morning. This Luxury lounge wear is come in five tonal colors and is available in sizes XXS-5X.

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Flattering Outfit Formulas | What to Wear is Black and White

The first outfit formula I share with new clients who have a hard time making outfits is the magic of matching your top and bottom.


There are 7916 pairs of jeans at Nordstrom but you just need these to keep current and to make the ideal jean wardrobe.

Feminine Flattering & Fashionable | 3 stylish pieces that never fail my clients over 40.

A flattering & feminine slip dress, camisole top, & slip skirt never fail to give my fashionable clients over 40 something stylish to wear.

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