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“I can’t help it. I like nice things. ” says women everywhere. Designer-inspired high-low styling is a signature of my personal style and the capsule wardrobes I share. Since most of us have to have a handle on what we spend filling out closets I’ve found the best assortment comes from a high-low mix of brands.


I’ve spent half my life and my entire career in the fashion industry and I still have a long list of bucket list brands and items I want for my wardrobe. If your list is long too I recommend shopping for designer-inspired items that have the look for less. Often times you can test drive a style to see if the designer version is worth the cost per wear. This tip has helped my clients and me confidently curate our closets. Here are some recent designer-inspired finds.

Bottega Veneta

Wish List

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Of course, 18k gold plated will last you longer but you can get the look for less.

After test-driving my Marc Fisher look-a- likes I finally go the Bottega Veneta Lido sandals (size down) this summer and I’m wearing them with my Amazon purse!

Stylist Tip- A designer-inspired accessory is more convincing when it doesn’t include hardware.

High Low Starting at $9.99

Leopard print is a Dolce&Gabbana signature.


Black is timeless but is pink so so popular now. the $39 version comes in 4 summer color choices and has pockets.

Shop for more quality dresses for different body types under $50 HERE.

Anniversary Sale Edition

A metallic wallet on a chain will never go out of style.

Jenni Kayne sweaters are worth collecting, but you can fill in with less expensive fabrications while you’re building your collection. I always add a nice quality VINCE sweater to my closet every year during the anniversary sale. Check out the VINCE styles available on sale this year.


These $450 Gucci-inspired sandals are available in sizes 5-12 for under $25 | Change of Scenery Suit | Alexander McQueen Scarf | Sequin Pendant and Earrings

When you have the right high-low mix it’s ok to fake it until you make it. These are the name-brand heroes that I recommend the most.

1. Veronica Beard Blazer

Shop 3 easy high-low outfit combinations with this best-selling staple HERE.

See my side-by-side comparison HERE

2. YSL Handbag

Before you buy a designer handbag read THIS.

3. Gucci Belt

Find out how to measure for the right size and which designer belt brands are best HERE.

Target TShirt and Valentino Flats

4. Anine Bing Graphic Tees

I have a huge graphic tee collection but my Bings are the best.

5. Pointed Toe Nude Shoes

Valentino flats are my favorite but nearly impossible to find. Shop a selection of nude shoes for summer in THIS POST.

6. David Yurman

I have a lot of costume jewelry, including some favorites from Chanel, but I recommend and wear my two-tone David Yurman jewelry the most.


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