Try these fashion tips every stylish woman knows and you can make outfits you love. I promise you’ll never dread getting dressed again. If you have taken the time to detox, organize, and check your closet for all the closet essentials on my New Wardrobe Checklist then you have everything you need to make outfits. If you’re someone who is easily overwhelmed by the options in your closet, and struggle with what to wear each day, then start with a look book or a classic combination. The guess work has been done so now you can actually have fun getting ready.



Coming up with an outfit is as easy as matching the colors on your top and bottom. This is easy to do and is also very flattering. Matching your top and bottom helps to elongate and slim your figure by creating a solid column of color.

Denim on Denim

Think outside the box and play with color beyond black and white like a Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim), or varying values of your favorite color. I included a Canadian tuxedo in my ’23 Simple Summer Capsule Wardrobe, but the concept works in the winter too.

The simplest way to wear a column of color is all in one piece like a dress or a jumper.

Make More Outfits By Layering

Once you have a matching base layer you can change up your look by learning to layer. Shop for 10 of my favorite winter layers HERE.

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Jeans and a White Top

Jeans and a white top is my favorite outfit combination of all time, and it works for nearly any occasion. Start with great-fitting jeans. Take my free jean quiz to find your new favorite pair.

White Tops You’ll Wear on Repeat

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More Jean Outfit Ideas


When you have the right pieces it’s easy to mix and match to make more outfits. That’s what makes each of my capsule wardrobes so easy to use. Once you have all of the items on the short checklists they all mix and match no matter what. If you’re a visual learner or want to plan your outfits out, you can use the outfit combinations in all the free lookbooks.

Recent Capsules and Lookbook Samples

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Everyday Outfit Inspiration

Follow me on Instagram and make my Haute Mama Look of the Day outfits. Take inspiration from my real-life looks alongside a professional styling tip.