Most women have a love-hate relationship with white jeans, but I recommend them to all my clients. They were one of less than 10 key pieces in this year’s and last year’s summer capsule wardrobe. My average client is over 40 and a size 12. If you use my free jean quiz and style tips I promise a pair of white jeans will be your new favorite summer outfit staple.


Full-length or cropped wide-leg jeans that fall straight from the hip and away from the knee are the most flattering. Most women carry weight in their hips and thighs. Choosing a style that skims over those parts keeps the focal point on your outfit and other features you like better. You’ll find a current round-up of this popular summer style in my new Classic Fashion Capsule Wardrobe.

Wide Leg Crop

Full-Length Wide Leg

Long or cropped lengths vary for all of us. This video will show you how long your cropped jeans should be. When you’re shopping check the inseam instead of the product description to know if you’ll have to hem your jeans. If you’re petite a jean described as “cropped” may work for you as a full-length style instead.

Tips For Finding the Best Fit for Your Body Type

I spent more than two decades in the dressing room so I know how to find jeans that fit, and it’s easiest online! That’s why I made Jen’s Jean Shop.

My Viral Jean Hack

If you’re shopping in a store and in a pinch, skip the dressing room and try my viral jean hack.

Fidelity Favorite

Natalia who is 5’8” a 31 in jeans and I, who am 5’4”, a 25 in jeans, are both able to wear Fidelity’s “Katie”. If you’re looking for white boot-cut jeans these from Fidelity are new in 2024.

3 Shopping Tips For Finding the Most Flattering White Jeans

  1. Avoid transparency. Cotton fabrics with less than 2% stretch are usually thicker.
  2. Search for styles with a wide or flare leg silhouette that doesn’t cling and highlight imperfections.
  3. Know your measurements. Your rise (the measurement from your center crotch seam to your belly button) is the most important.
  4. Buy best-selling styles from proven name brands.

4 Signs Your Rise Is Too Long

  1. Your jeans sag in the crotch
  2. The zipper buckles
  3. Your jeans gap at the back of your waist
  4. Your boobs sit on top of your belt



The first styling tip I share with new clients is an outfit formula that is made with a matching top and bottom. You’ll exude confidence and style every time you wear this outfit combination. Start with a solid column of color, add a light layer, and your favorite summer accessories.

Monochromatic Capsule

Monochromatic capsule wardrobes are a styling shortcut to putting together outfits that never fail to look good but don’t require a degree in fashion, or the perfect figure.

Inspired by the 2023 N6 May Drop

These summer outfits were inspired by the Nordstrom 6 May 2023 Drop which featured white denim from Mother.


2024 Graphic Tee Edit

2024 Summer Sneaker Edit

Cool Sandals

Style Tip- If you have short legs or thinker ankles platform or wedge sandals with some weight look best with and help to balance wide-leg jeans.


I included a pair of ivory trouser jeans in my 2024 Classic Capsule Wardrobe for Work.

2024 Wide Leg Ivory Jean Edit


2023 Work Capsule Wardrobe Outfits With White Jeans as seen on Instagram

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