A Designer Brand Purchase You Won’t Regret

Most women have a long list of designer brands on their wardrobe wish list. As a professional stylist, I’ve become an expert at mixing a few of my favorite bucket list brands with less expensive labels to create pulled-together looks that pass as head-to-toe designer outfits.


One of my favorite bucket list brands is Gucci. Gucci always offers something new while maintaining its name-brand reputation for iconic pieces like its signature Marmont belt.

High Low Outfit Ideas with a Gucci Belt

Buy a Gucci belt and earn your black belt in high-low styling. A small Gucci belt buckle can transform a Target tee shirt and jeans. Get some outfits with a designer belt in this blog post I shared last spring;

Save With a Designer Belt.

What Size Designer Brand Belt to Buy?

The best size belt is one you can wear through the belt loops of your favorite jeans and around the waist of a little black dress. Take both measurements and see if you can buy a size that will fit both. The brown belt I’m wearing is listed as a men’s belt online but works for me too. The black “men’s” I’m wearing above has a versatile 1″ strap if you don’t want to commit to just a thin or wide style.

1″ Strap With 2.2″x 2″ Buckle

Online Shopping Tips for Designer Brands

  1. Most designer belts are measured in cm. Ask Seri to convert from inches is you if you need help with that tiny tape measure.
  2. Measurements online are from the prong on the buckle to the middle hole.
  3. There is usually an inch between the holes.
  4. Don’t be afraid to alter your belt for a custom fit. A cobbler can add a hole or shorten the strap. If you can’t find a belt that works at your waist and through your belt loops, add a snap to different length straps to use with your buckle detached.
altering a gucci belt what size designer belt to buy online shopping tips for designer brand belts gucci belt buckle

A Cobbler Can Help You Get More Bang For Your Buckle.

repurpose wide gucci belt buckle mother insider crop jeans gucci jacket nude pumps
Repurposed Wide Gucci Buckle
Gucci Jacket (no longer available) | Jeans | Pumps
nordstrom washable blouse blck knit tank wide gucci belt
Repurposed Wide Gucci Buckle
Blouse | Knit Tank

Reversible Belts, Two for One!

Thin Gucci Belt

These are the most popular belts right now. They don’t take a lot of real estate around your middle which makes them ideal to wear with higher-rise jeans and around your natural waist, over a dress or blazer. This one is reversible!

Wide Gucci Belt

This classic 1.5″ belt helps highlight a small waist and looks balanced back to sweaters, jeans, and boots in the fall.

Gucci Loafers

burberry cardigan frame t shirt chanel purse cindy jeans from Paige princeton mules gucci mules outfit street style

Classic Outfits with Gucci Loafers

Gucci Mules look great with jeans a white top and any of your favorite layering pieces.

Princetown Leather Slipper

Gucci Loafers

Gucci Bags


1. Mini Bag

These little bags are big!

2. Gucci Disco

The perfect size crossbody bag. The Disco is big enough to hold all of your essentials. It has minimal hardware so it matches everything.

3. Belt Bag

A belt bag can be worn so many different ways: at your waist, hips, or across your body. Belt bags are the best for travel and look great with sporty outfits.

4. Timeless Tote

This Ophidia Medium Gucci tote is great for work or travel. It comes in 11 different color combinations so I’m sure you’ll find one you love.

The Secret To Wearing Designer Brands

It feels like Christmas when you receive a thoughtfully chosen Gucci piece in the mail. Seriously, anything you order through my blog from Gucci direct comes beautifully wrapped in a signature green box with a red grosgrain ribbon that’s practically an accessory in itself. Shipping is free too.

Whatever you buy, wear it! To Target, to Church, to dinner. Don’t save your designer brand things for a special occasion. Wear them daily to elevate your entire wardrobe. This is the secret to high low styling.


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