When you’re getting ready, few things feel as good as wearing the best jeans for your body. Unfortunately, few things are as frustrating as shopping for them. Lots of jeans look good online but it’s hard to know which ones will look the best for your body type. During the pandemic when stores were closed and everyone had to shop online, I knew that there had to be an easier way to find jeans that fit and look great. As much as I hate math, I realized it was the most important factor in finding a good fit online. I created a free fit quiz that shows women how to take their measurements and use them to find the best jeans for their body type, without trying them on! With less inventory and help in stores, I’m convinced this is the best way to shop for jeans today. Once you know your numbers and what works for you you can shop for the denim wardrobe you’ve always wanted. Here are some new jean styles you’ll want to consider and some styling tips to help you find the best fit.

“A treasure trove of resources, her website and the tips and tricks she offers on social media should inspire anyone who needs help getting a new look together or just doesn’t have the patience to shop for themselves.

Robin Douglas – Comstock Magazine


Every woman should own at least one pair of straight-leg jeans. Straight-leg jeans are the best style jeans to travel with. The most popular straight-leg jean styles are the Cindy from Paige, The Dazzler from MOTHER, the Cher From Fidelity, and the Le Straight from Frame.

Paige Cindy Straight Leg

Paige keeps the fit on this style consistent.

Why Measure Your Rise?

The most flattering classic straight-leg jeans starts right around your belly button. The distance from your center crotch seam (on fitted pants) to your belly button is your rise. This is different for everyone. Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you have a long rise. Jeans with a “higher” rise will make your legs look longer and a “lower” rise will give you a longer-looking torso. Remember that measurement is different for each of us.

Jean Fit Tips for a Flatter Tummy

If you want your stomach to look smaller a rise that stops a little below your belly will cut across your tummy instead of cupping over it, or stopping so low it makes a muffin top. Most modern-day straight-leg jeans have a rise somewhere between 9″ and 12″. That’s not a big difference in inches, but it makes the biggest difference in finding the most flattering jeans. Know your numbers. It’s a game-changer.

“She’s even developed a jeans quiz for subscribers that takes some of the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit. “I feel good about it because I feel like I’m giving something of value to people…in exchange, they shop my links and subscribe to my website, and I have this community of women who are finding their own way and their own style.” “

Robin Douglas – Comstock Magazine

Now You Get It

You need jeans like mine when it’s wet and you want to wear low-heeled bulky boots or sneakers with socks.

Ankle-length straight-leg jeans go with most shoes. Boots can be a bit tricky. Read more about mastering which boots go with which jeans here. In the winter you may want a straight leg style that’s a little longer and has a wider opening that easily glides over your boots.

New Jeans For Tall Ladies

If you have long legs try these brand new style From Fidelity that come with an ultra long 37″ inseam and up to size 38.


More Roller Wide Leg Jeans from MOTHER

This dark wash is 40% off HERE. My neice 5′ and I 5’4″are both wearing the white ones below.

If you want to look long and lean in loose wide-leg jeans wear them with big heels. Wide-leg jeans can be super slimming or make you look squatty. Keep your inseam close to the ground or opt for a high rise cropped option, that shows some skin. Wide-leg jeans usually have a higher rise which helps elongate your legs. Be careful a higher rise doesn’t borrow too much space from your top half. The last thing you want is your boobs and belt to meet and greet. Check the rise to find the best fit. The Fidelity style I’m wearing in this photo are on sale and have a universally flattering 10″ rise.

Wide-leg jeans are especially slimming if you have big thighs and your natural waist is smaller than your hips and butt because the focus is on your waist and your curves are covered.


If you want to add some curves, try flare-leg jeans styles. The wider the opening, the more you can exaggerate your curves. FRAME’s Le High Flare has a wide 22″ opening. If your legs are skinny too, then a classic bootcut flare-leg jean with an opening of less than 20″ looks the best. If not your legs will get a little lost.

FRAME LE High Flare With a Wide 22″ Opening

Best Bootcut Flares With Less than a 20″ Opening

Likewise, if you want to minimize your butt and hips classic bootcut flare-leg jeans, with an opening of less than 20″, will balance your proportions.

Making your waist look smaller can add some curves too. If your waistline above your belly button is naturally smaller, try a higher rise to exaggerate the difference in width between your perceived “waist” and hips. !function(w,i,d,g,e,t){d.getElementById(i)||(element=d.createElement(t),element.id=i,element.src="https://widgets.rewardstyle.com"+e,d.body.appendChild(element)),w.hasOwnProperty(g)===!0&&"complete"===d.readyState&&w[g].init()}(window,"shopthepost-script",document,"__stp","/js/shopthepost.js","script")

“>This flare-leg style from Rag & Bone has a high 13” rise. Likewise a lower rise also helps minimize curves and reduce the gap at the small of your back that you get when your waist is much smaller than your hips.


Recreate the Look With My Skinny Jeans from AG

Don’t ditch your skinny jeans! Update them and wear them like you would leggings. Unless you’re covering it up with an oversized sweater, you don’t need skinny jeans with teeny-tiny 5″ zippers. If a low rise looks the best on you, newer styles will have a longer zipper.

If your shape is sorta square, and your waist and hips are a similar size, skinny jeans that are tight around your ankle will add some shape to your legs. If you’re sorta square but have super skinny legs, then a slim straight-leg leg pair of jeans with a narrow not fitted opening will look better on you.

New Black Skinny Jeans

I’m wearing my favorite new skinny jeans from Fidelity with my ATM tee, cashmere hoodie, and Veronica Beard Blazer. These have modern and universally flattering 10″ rise and come with a long 30″ inseam that is easy to hem or fold under if needed.

Shoes For Black Skinny Jeans


It’s hard enough to find jeans that fit, but when you’re petite it can seem impossible. Usually, after you find a style that fits your waist and hips, you have to hassle with having them hemmed! Premium denim brand MOTHER has a wildly popular new line called Lil Mother. Each style in the collection has a higher knee placement, shorter inseam, and rise, so it hits in all the right places. This launch has been so successful that these “Lil” styles are selling out on Nordstrom and MOTHER’s websites. My 5″ neice is modeling four styles I found stocked. I’m 5’4″ and wearing the regualr versions of the same styles.

Click Regular or Lil below to SHOP

Classic Bootcut Jeans

Regular Weekender

10″ Rise

31.5″ Inseam

20″ Opening

Lil Weekender

9.5″ Rise

29″ Inseam

20″ Opening

Cropped Bootcut Jeans

Regular Hustler

11″ Rise

27.5″ Inseam

16″ Opening

Lil Hustler

10.5″ Rise

25.5″ Inseam

16″ Opening

Wide Leg

Regular Rambler

11.25″ Rise

29.25″ Inseam

17.5″ Opening

Lil Rambler

10.75″ Rise

26.25″ Inseam

17.5″ Opening

Wide Leg Flare

Regular Roller

10″ Rise

31″ Inseam

26″ Opening

Lil Roller

9.25″ Rise

29″ Inseam

26 ” Opening


My friend 5’8″ size 31 friend Natalia and I (5’4″ size 25) are wearing the same styles side by side so you can see how they fit. If you want to know what the best shoe styles are with all jean styles check out THIS POST.

Now that you know the fundamentals of fit check out THIS POST to see how to style two new jean trends and THIS POST to 30 pages out of my jean outfit lookbook. Thank you for trusting my suggestions and using my links to shop!