The Deal with Designer Accessories | A Love Story

Designer Accessories are the easiest way to make your clothes look expensive. CHANEL has always been my personal favorite. For our ten-year anniversary, Jared and I took a trip to Seattle. Of course, a pilgrimage to Nordstrom’s flagship store was on our literary. Just like meeting my husband in the first grade, it was love at first sight. The CHANEL brooch of my dreams. One of our first big fights was over whether a “piece of costume jewelry” was worthy to commemorate such a special occasion.

Nordstrom Flagship store Seattle, WA. 2010

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

– Coco Chanel


Check out all the ways I’ve been wearing her. You’re gonna want one.

“Accessories don’t care if you gain weight.”

My love affair with CHANEL ACCESSORIES has continued over the years. As a professional stylist and CHANEL coinsure here are a few suggestions to adding designer accessories to your arsenal without blowing up your budget.

  1. Choose brands whos esthetic resonate yours and design trademark characteristics inspire you. I’ve always loved graphics, especially block letters. Most of the CHANEL accessories I own have that element in the design.
Happy 40th Birthday to Me

2.Make sure you can wear your pieces at least two ways. I demonstrate with my CHANEL chain belt in this video.

3. Make it personal. These pieces are expensive. Attaching a special memory can help justify purchases. For example, the brooch for our 10 year anniversary, the belt as a souvenir from our first trip to NYC, and my first bag as a symbol of starting my own business. 

My Push Present

4.Shop Vintage. Just make sure you’re getting the real deal.

I’d love to help you shop for your perfect pieces.

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