The Best Shoes and Bags For Summer ’24 | From Target to Luxe Labels That Are The Gateway Drug to Designer Brands

Shoes and bags take center stage in the summer when we are all wearing less and adding fewer layers to our summer outfits. From Target to luxe labels I consider the gateway drug to designer brands these are the best shoes and bags for summer. You won’t find such a big variety of shoe and bag brands like these all in one place anywhere else. My picks for you are professional stylist and shoe snob-approved.

Gateway Drug Designer Brand Bottega Bags For Summer

Model at the Kimpton in Sacramento on a sunny day wearing a bright white blouse red ribbon belt and green parakeet bottega veneta cassette crossbody bag
Bottega Veneta Cassette

You will get so much use out of a colorful handbag this summer. Marry one with a matching sandal and make all your outfits from classic jeans and a white t-shirt to a playful sundress way more fun. Bottega Veneta sets the benchmark for quality materials and timeless styles like these.

Is the Look For Less Bad?

3 Tips to Trying The Look For Less

  1. Become a master mixologist. Do your best to mix your better brands with the ones inspired by them like I did here with my iconic Burberry plaid pants and Bottega-inspired bag under $50. You can even mix within the same brand.
  2. If you can’t justify the real deal it’s ok to fake it until you make it. I recommend picking pieces that are designer-inspired instead of dupes. Inexpensive hardware and fake logos look bad. Instead, look for bags without hardware. Fabric bags, which are popular in the summer, are more convincing too. It’s harder to mimic the look and feel of real leather.
  3. Consider cost per wear. If the style is forever it may be worth more to you over time. Last year I splurged on these classic high-heeled Bottega sandals, but I wouldn’t buy this Bottega phone case. Rember quality pieces last longer and when it comes to shoes are always more comfortable.

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YSL Bags for Summer

Women traveler street style at the bus stop wearing a Burberry Trench | Burberry Scarf Similar | Vince Pants | Bottega Sandals | YSL Wallet on Chain
Burberry Trench | Burberry Scarf Similar | Vince Pants | Bottega Sandals | YSL Wallet on Chain

In the summer bags tend to shrink or supersize to suit our activities. A small wallet on a chain is great worn cross-body during the day or dressed up for your next event with the strap tucked in. My favorite designer brand wallet on a chain is Saint Laurent’s classic Cassandre. You will find the best selection of colors HERE, but they have some styles at Nordstrom and Saks too.

Big Deal

Everyone needs a great tote in the summer. Marc Jacobs makes great quality totes in many different fabrics, colors, and sizes. Here are some of my favorites for travel and by the pool.

Medium Marc Jacobs Tote

I’m petite and prefer this size. It’s 13″L x 6″D x 10.5″H. The leather option is great all year long and comes in 15 fabulous colors.

Large Marc Jacobs Totes

More Summer Styles

Belt Bags & Summer Shoes

A belt bag has always been my favorite everyday handbag and I almost always travel with one. I recently included some new styles that look good with sports sandals and sneakers in my casual Homebody Capsule.

Stylish Sets

One Summer Shoe Brand That Has It All

I have more shoes from Sam Edelman than any other brand. Since I was a kid Sam Edelman has been making fashionable and comfortable shoes for women. Most of their shoes come in lots of different colors and up to a women’s US size 13. Get everything your summer shoe wardrobe needs now. Start by shopping in my closet.

My Closet’s Top 10