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6 Jean Types For Every Occasion and Season that Stylists Keep in Their Closets

There are 6 jean types that prove denim is the new black and will work for every occasion and season. Grab a tape measure or long string and take my denim fit quiz. You’ll find all the styles you need that will fit your body the best. Once you start collecting these covetable classics you will see how easy it is to make outfits you love every day! Here are some jean outfit ideas from some of my most popular capsule wardrobes, made with a few of my favorite forever jean styles. If you’re curious how you’d measure up in these styles I’m 5’4″, size 25, have a 12″ natural rise, 27″ ankle inseam, and 31″ full-length inseam.


Of the 6 styles, I suggest the most, straight-leg jeans are the most popular because an ankle-length style goes with almost any shoe!  If you’re curvy on the bottom compared to your natural waist a lower rise will minimize your curves. A lower rise creates less distance in width from your hips to your “perceived” waist compared to your hips and natural waist, which is usually smaller. Most women look best in jeans that sit 1-2 fingers below their natural rise. These are the most popular straight-leg styles from designer denim brands everyone loves.



When you can score a novelty style or wash under $100 it makes it easier to justify trying something new. Some like Target and Old Navy list their product measurements you can find good deals on denim that fits great and doesn’t cost a ton.


Are you surprised skinny jeans made the list? Skinny jeans will always serve a purpose in your wardrobe. Update yours by choosing a lower-rise style that works on your body type, and wear them as you would “leggings”. When it’s warmer skinny jeans look great with long tunics and long sweaters when it’s cold. Try one of the skinny jeans outfit formulas from my Modern Classic Capsule Wardrobe.


One retailer may call the same style of jeans from one brand a bootcut, while the other lists it as “flare”. What one brand may consider “cropped”, may be full length on you. It’s really a numbers game. My jean shop breaks it down and my jean quiz will show you which of your measurements need to know and how to take them.


Bootcut jeans have always been in style, but are really making a comeback. I included classic bootcut jeans in my cozy capsule wardrobe with 65 outfit combinations. Bootcut jeans are easy to dress up too because they look the best with any heel, and boots of course! If you want to elongate your legs hem your jeans longer than your full-length inseam. If you have narrow hips boot cut jeans with a wider opening at the bottom of the bell will help exaggerate the curve you have.



Cropped bootcut jeans are my personal year-round favorite because they show off my shoes. You need to know your ankle length and full-length inseam before you shop. What one brand may consider “cropped” may be full length on you. My jean shop has year-round outfit formulas and styling tips, including shoe suggestions.



Wide leg flares with wider openings than classic bootcut naturally have a fashion-forward feel. Big block heels, platforms, and wedges help balance the exaggerated leg shape. See how I styled my wide-leg flares with 6 summer wardrobe essentials in my 2022 Summer Capsule Wardrobe. When there’s a chill in the air, work your flares back to block-heel boots and a blazer.



These jeans can be so flattering while covering a multitude of sins. The most flattering styles start closer to your natural rise and stop around your ankle inseam. The higher rise helps balance the width you’re adding to your lower half by elongating your leg line. Wide-leg cropped jeans were part of my Ageless Spring Capsule Wardrobe which I just updated so you can shop now and get some new outfit ideas.


I hate to burst your bubble, but once you find a flattering fit, you’re probably going to want multiple washes. I recommend starting with a black and white pair in your favorite styles. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a supermodel or work at the Cheesecake Factory to wear white jeans. Here’s everything you need to know before you buy a pair.



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